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Volume 01 Issue 05: Master Yourself

We imagine leadership to be for those at the top, not us. But what does it mean to lead? In simple terms, to lead means to give direction, to show the way, to influence others, to empower others, to develop others, to positively affect others and so on. Like me, if these are things you want to do, then you want to be a leader. But the reality check is that unless you can do these things for yourself, for instance give yourself direction, influence yourself, you can’t be a leader. You must master yourself before you can master others.

Where do we start?


  • Stand for what you believe in and act as if what you do matters.
  • Think for yourself. Believe in your own ideas. Determine what your values are and stick to them. Know what you stand for and live by it. Build your competence around your areas of interest. This will enable you to give your own opinion even if it’s different from that of others.
  • Don’t let the fear of making mistakes hold you back. When you make them, don’t waste your mistakes. Use them as stepping stones to take you to the next level.
  • Keep the promises you make to yourself. If you say you will do something, do it.
  • Quit making excuses for yourself. Overcome the problems you encounter to get the things you want.
  • Start where you are. Quit waiting for the day you will do great things. Begin by doing small things in a great way.

Leading is taking pride in the things that you do – John Bird, Author of How to change your life in 7 steps.

As we go along the road of personal growth and development, we realize that what gives the most fulfillment is what we do in the service of humanity. This is indeed what leadership is all about. Greatness is about serving others. As we master ourselves, we discover our place of service. We get clarity on the things we want to influence others in; what we want to empower others to do; the skills we want to develop in others. We get clarity on the areas we want to lead others in.

Lillian Chebosi


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