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Volume 10, Issue 07: Rise Above It

When we know we are not where we want to be or should be, we are tempted to act arrogantly or miserably. Worse still, we can be mediocre in our performance where we are. We can also refuse opportunities that we think are too small for our dreams.

You may have every reason to hold back but get over yourself and apply yourself fully in your struggles. As a slave, Joseph excelled and was soon in charge of all the other slaves in Potiphar's house. As a prisoner, Joseph once again applied himself so much that the jailer gave him full authority to run the jail.

Don't wait for things to be ideal to give your all. Don't wait for your dreams to come to pass to put your best foot forward. Apply yourself fully in your far from perfect circumstances. That place is your launching pad for where you are going. Use it to practice your craft and sharpen your axe. It is there that you will get noticed and promoted to your destiny.

Additionally, you could be prolonging your stay in the wilderness by not applying yourself. Holding back means you are not sowing seeds to harvest the future you want. It may not be the job you want, but do it the best you can. It may not be where you want to be, but be fully present at it anyway.

Just the other day I was somewhere where the team leader was talking about how a large number of employees of a certain company walked out of their jobs in protest of lack of equality or something of the sort. This team leader at the meeting I was at related that situation to her current team where she feared some staff had checked out mentally. That there were still with the company but not really there.

This got me thinking as I could personally relate to what she was talking about. I concluded that however badly things may be at your place of work, if you don't have the guts to quit, then you don't have the luxury to check out. You don't have to be cozy with the enemy but apply yourself fully through the struggles. What better time than now to give your all to your job? If they are talking about you behind your back, be the bigger person by not talking about them behind their backs.

Commit to be faithful no matter how difficult or how far your current situation is from your dream. Rise above it. You cannot wait for your dream passively. It's a very active waiting that leads to incredible personal growth. Apply yourself fully in your struggles.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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