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Volume 10, Issue 11: Don't Hand Over Your Stuff

I sit on a ball seat at the office. I have used it for almost a decade and they haven't had them in stores for years now. I recently carried it home with me for the weekend after having pressure added to the ball at a fuel station. Unfortunately the ball landed on a sharp object and got a small tear. I was determined to have it repaired but I kept being told it's a waste of time, that the material just isn't repairable. But I wouldn't take no for an answer. It took 3 attempts, one each weekend at a cobbler's stand and one trip to a sports house, and my ball seat is back in business.

It's easier to throw in the towel than it is to stand your ground. But Jesus did not die on the cross so we could give up when the going gets tough. We are not quitters. We don't take the easy way out, we fight to the end for what is rightfully ours. I couldn't bring myself to just throw my ball in the dustbin and get another ball from the sports house to fit on the damaged ball's seat. I resolved to fight for my ball and no naysayers were going to stand in my way.

So, chaos have disrupted the otherwise calm waters at your job or home or health. And now you think you didn't sign up for a rough ride. Well, wake up from your slumber. Just the same way nothing good comes easy, keeping your good stuff isn't cheap either. But God didn't give you what you have just so you can lose it to the opposition. He knew you've got it in you to fight to keep it.

It's your job to keep. It's your family to keep. It's your sanity, your peace, your joy, your health, your integrity to keep. They are your well raised children to enjoy. If the enemy thinks you are going to walk away from what's yours so he can have it, then he has a rude shock coming.

All it takes is to stand your ground and let God fight for you. Nobody is expecting you to fight in the same manner those coming against you are fighting, your fight is at a whole other level, one that your enemies are clueless about. Don't ever concede defeat that isn't approved of God. Don't start looking for another job unless God directs you as such. You already have a job, and it's yours to keep. Realize you have the upper hand against the opposition and fight for what is yours.

So the kids you trained and raised well are taking up wrong company in their teenage years and you think it's too draining for you to get involved. Those are your kids to rescue. They may not be listening to you at the moment but you have a Father in heaven whose ears are always open to you. Fight for your kids on your knees. Love them through their craziness and remind God to fulfill His Word and cause your kids to come back to their senses.

Fight for your marriage. Fight for your health. Fight for your integrity. Don't give up what's yours to keep. Don't hand over your stuff just because someone has declared war on you. Stand your ground and see the deliverance of the Lord - let your enemies see whose side God is on.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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