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Volume 10, Issue 21: He is a Day Maker

I read a paragraph of a YouVersion Bible plan called "Breakfast Bites" a couple of weeks ago and it quickly resonated with my spirit. It said, "if you regularly begin your day with the Lord, you already know what a way Maker He is." If you haven't settled into this practice, I encourage you to start today and see how God's loving presence affects your days.

The author advised that "before the day has had a chance to disappoint you, before the enemy finds a way to distract you, seek God first. Invite Him into every waking moment. Sense Him in your interactions and transactions. Notice the tenderness with which he sees the people you encounter. Invite Him to contribute to your decisions. Observe how He consistently places you on the path of love. Allow Him to carry your burdens and see if a joyful song doesn't swell up inside you. Allow it to overtake your heart." This is so true. I couldn't agree more.

Once while catching up with my sister over the weekend, she described her just ended week at work as "brutal." It was during the time when I was also having hellish weeks at work. The one thing that sustained me through those brutal days and weeks was my daily morning quiet times and walks, and evening conversations with God in my journal.

Inviting God into our day doesn't keep hell from breaking loose around us. But it strengthens us and helps us cope and conquer. Spending time with God gives us fortitude to face difficult situations, carry heavy burdens, stand our ground and make the right decisions. I know that conversing with God and taking my walks in the early morning breeze are what keep me sane in difficult seasons. My boss and colleagues often asked me how I manage to remain calm and steady through the demands and drama of my work.

God is a way Maker. He is more than enough. He is the one who makes a path for us. I remember years ago a friend telling me that her family life was the most challenging part of her life at the time. She had just relocated back to her home country after college, got married and had kids. We lost touch years ago but if I were to catch up with her now, I would tell her that my work has been the most challenging part of my life these last couple of months.

My work hasn't always been tough. In fact it's been wonderful. Plenty demanding but wonderful. But I think it would be foolish to expect life to be always rosy. I wouldn't have made it thus far through the difficult weeks and months if it wasn't for my way Maker. I have discovered that when we allow Him to conquer us, nothing that comes against us can conquer us. Begin your day with the Lord. He is a day Maker.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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