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Volume 10, Issue 31: Create Margin

Do your days have margin or do you find yourself moving from one activity to another without breathing room to gather your thoughts and enjoy the moments? I have found that if we are not careful, busyness can become a habit, something we do subconsciously.

It is normal for me to pack my schedule with so much that needs to get done that I struggle to get it done within the time I have allocated for the tasks, leave alone have breathing room to pause and enjoy the activities. Seating behind my desk can often feel like I am running from one event to another, maybe even like getting off the car at every stop sign before it has come to a complete halt.

After work, I have a few relaxation activities lined up. But if I run behind schedule with work, which I often do, I end up rushing through my relaxation activities. Sometimes I just want to sit in my balcony and not care what time it is, or how long I have been there, or what I am running late for. How can we slow down to do that?

It's obvious that we cannot wait for the day when there's no work to be done to slow down, because that day will never come. This s because even on my off days, I find myself moving from one activity to another. We need to learn to slow down now in our current lives, with all our responsibilities and obligations. We must determine to create margin for ourselves to truly enjoy our days and live fulfilled lives.

We must learn to not take ourselves seriously. We should take our work and the people in our lives seriously but ease off on ourselves. Let's spread out our work and activities over a longer span on time to have breathing room. Other people do it, so why can't we? We are not more important than them. And who are we trying to impress anyway?

Let your boss know how much you can sanely accomplish in a day. Don't schedule back to back meetings, and back to back tasks on your calendar such that you are always running from one meeting to another, and from one task to another. Sometimes I get to the end of my day almost out of breath because of how tight my schedule is. This is not right, not at all. In fact it's ridiculous! I am ridiculous to operate like this.

This is applicable to any of us irrespective of occupation. I would probably drive myself just as crazy if I were a stay at home mom or a baker. If you are anything like me, we need to seriously rethink our schedules, create margins for ourselves that go beyond the lunch break which we have also crammed with an activity or two. Even if it's just 10 minutes, we should give ourselves permission to breath between activities. Let's create margin for ourselves and enjoy life more.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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