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Volume 10, Issue 34: Turning Adversaries into Ambassadors

How does he do it, remove our opposition? And why does the Lord remove our opposition even long after we asked him and we have learnt to co-exist with the opposition? Why does he still remove them? Because he is a faithful God who does what is good for us in his own time.

God doesn't ignore our prayers, he answers each one of them. Sometimes with a "yes" right away, sometimes with a "no", and sometimes with a "wait". A "no" is good for us just as much as a "yes" is good for us. And a "wait" is just as good for us as an immediate "yes" because God teaches us valuable lessons in the wait and changes our hearts.

Late last year I came into some serious opposition at work. God removed two of my fiercest foes at the beginning of this year, then another that I could live with towards the middle of the year. And now, when I am no longer bothered about it, he removes yet another, the last one in the pack.

What is so special about the wait is that God used this time to work on my heart. I have come to love and respect these last two adversaries. Both of them have been routing for me, shouting my praises on the rooftop, and on their way out, offering to take me with them to their greener pastures. Can you believe that? I can, because the Bible says that when God approves of your life, even your enemies end up shaking your hand - Proverbs 16:7 MSG.

Who makes enemies pack up and leave when they are on a winning streak? Who turns fierce foes into ambassadors? Things that only God can do. Isn't it amazing? It blows my mind away. God rewrites our stories. He makes all things, even our pain and difficulties work together for our good. Whatever your struggles this season, hang in there and do your best to repay evil with good. Trust God and maintain a good attitude. You will be amazed to see what God is doing behind the scenes.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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