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Volume 10, Issue 35: I'll Have More Tomorrow

I am taking time for extended rest for the next four weeks. I started a YouVersion Bible plan titled "Making Time To Rest" at the beginning of the week to get me started in the right direction. I was particularly inspired by today's reading to the point of making some decisions for when I go back to work. Here is what the author had to say in the last day of the plan.

The reason we need rest is because we have been working or exerting energy is some way. And just because we learn how to rest and may feel rested doesn't mean we will stay that way. We will work again. We will help others again. We will be emotionally drained again.

Getting rest for the sake of rest is not the whole point. We rest and get rest so that we can work again. There's a beautiful ebb and flow of working and resting; of being filled up so that we can pour out. We find rest as we do the practices that fill us back up daily. We can't think that one week of vacation will carry us through for months and months. We must make daily deposits in our rest buckets to endure. And we have to be paying attention when too many withdrawals have been made.

In his book, Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Refueling Your Passion, author and pastor Wayne Cordeiro tells about a dream he had. A woman approached a farmer at his farm and asked him for something he didn't have. He said, "Come back tomorrow, and I'll have more." She was upset but it didn't bother him. He just kept working. People came to his farm everyday and when he was out of eggs or milk, he would simply say, "Come back tomorrow, and I'll have more."

Pastor Cordeiro shared this newfound view he had after the dream: I don't have to tie myself to an imaginary, unrelenting cycle to produce more, make more or try to outdo last week's numbers. I have just so much time in the day, and i want to do what I can with all my heart involved. When the clock runs out, then I'll say, "Come back tomorrow, and I'll have more." We wake up each day with a certain amount of mental, emotional and physical energy. When we have poured out everything we have to give, we must rest. When we are in this empty state, there is less of us to get in the way of God's work in our lives. Lean in, be still and rest.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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