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Volume 10, Issue 45: Managing Your Energy Part V

We have come to the very final part of this series. In part IV, we considered what sustains and replenishes our physical and emotional energy tanks. We are now finishing with a consideration of the activities that fuel our mental/creative and spiritual energy tanks. If you are just joining us now, it would be better for you to start with parts I, II, III and IV of this series before delving into this one.

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A quick recap from part IV, we saw that we operate on different forms of energy. Different tasks and activities not only take different amounts of energy, they also use up different forms of energy. We discussed physical and emotionally energy, and we are now finishing with mental/creative and spiritual energy.

Like we did in part IV, I will use the example of how I manage my energy, but remember what fuels or drains my energy tanks will be very different from what fuels or drains your energy tanks. So as you read, you are going to want to think about what works for you, and maybe even set aside some time in the coming days and weeks to experiment with different things to figure yourself out. The aim of this exercise is to help us figure out how to keep our energy tanks full for optimal performance and fulfillment.

Let's start with mental and creative energy here. How do you replenish your mental/creative energy? On my part it's mainly taking in and giving out. It's reading or listening to podcasts or videos for my personal improvement, and writing for the benefit of others or sharing my knowledge with others that sustains my mental and creative energy tank. I can spend hours writing and not get drained. Creative writing is my outlet, it's the thing that keeps me on a high and refreshes me for my mental work. How about you? What keeps your mental and creative juices flowing?

Last but not least, spiritual energy. How do you replenish your spiritual energy? My first activity every morning when I wake up is to spend time with God in prayer, Bible study and declarations. Throughout my day, I try to maintain an ongoing conversation with God. I also converse with Him on my journal before going to bed. These are the things that keep my spiritual energy tank full. How about you, is your spiritual tank empty? You could consider prayer and studying the word of God through the YouVersion Bible app.

Having said all that on how we fuel our four energy tanks, I believe each of us has one or a few things that replenishes all or almost all of our four energy tanks. I have found that watching something I enjoy like a nice family movie after a long day at work clears my physical and mental fatigue almost instantly. Reading and writing replenishes my mental/creative, emotional and spiritual energy tanks. And lastly, retail therapy - more like window shopping, that is, spending a few moments at an open market is also magical for me. It recharges me physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is the one thing that replenishes all your energy tanks? Take time to experiment if you can't pin point what it is with certainty. You will be wise to make time for the thing(s) that replenishes all or almost all your energy tanks so that you keep your energy tanks full and operate at your best physically, mentally/creatively, emotionally and spiritually on a regular basis.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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