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Volume 10, Issue 52: One Thing

As I was reflecting back on my 2020 journey this week, I found that going forward, I would do better focusing on just one thing - my calendar. On my year long hourly, daily, weekly and monthly google calendar that I have used for two years now - tweaking as needed, I have clearly set out what I am doing when, where, with who, and for how long. It is my goals' execution tool.

I figured if I just follow my calendar to the letter, everything I want to accomplish will be taken care of. I didn't do this very well this year and I want to fix that. I don't necessarily want to make new goals. Yes, I want to consider a new discipline or habit to embrace, a skill to learn, things I want to stop doing, a new thing to start doing and what to do differently. But my progress lies in mastering the things I have already laid out to be the signature of my life.

As you look back on how you have faired on your intentions for 2020, what is the one thing that you reckon if you diligently focused on, you would be better off? Sometimes all we need is to add one discipline or habit a year, rather than a long list of resolutions. I would rather master one or two things every year than struggle with a long list of things each year and be a master of none a decade down the road.

What's going to be your one thing to focus on in 2021? What's the one thing that's going to get you further ahead in becoming the best version of yourself? The version that is truly successful, authentic, healthy, balanced, wise, strong, resilient, thriving in work and relationships. Make your pick. It could be more than one, but the fewer the better. Then make a daily commitment to live it out. You will marvel at the transformation it will bring to your life by the end of the year.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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