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Volume 11, Issue 18: Faith On Your Own Terms?

I have been at crossroads over an issue - more like a conversation I need to have, a stand I need to take. It's something I have been discussing and praying about with a friend for awhile now and I had an aha moment last evening as I talked about it with her.

Some of us do Christianity on our own terms. We purportedly "walk with" the Lord. We pray, read the Bible, go to Church, talk as if we follow Christ but live our lives in contradiction to God's Word.

I am not talking about the mistakes we all make every now and then as Christians such as lying or gossiping and repent of. I am talking about living a lifestyle of sin and outright disobedience to the precepts of God. I am talking about living a lifestyle of not tithing, homosexuality, incest, bribery and corruption among others.

We cannot live a lifestyle of sin and outright disobedience and walk with God. If you live any of such lifestyles and profess and practice faith in God, you are deceiving yourself. The truth is, you want nothing to do with God, because you have not surrendered to Him and to His ways. You are just pretending to be a Christian.

We cannot follow Christ on our own terms. We are either all in or all out. You cannot have one foot in Church and the other in the devil's workshop. But there's Good News. If any of this convicts you, Christ's arms are wide open to receive you. He loves you unconditionally and wants you to come to His saving knowledge and free you from all that entangles you.

Turn your back to your sinful lifestyle and surrender your life to God now. He will make your life brand new. He will turn your life around. You will finally have the opportunity to live to your full potential, live the abundant life that God promises to those who fear him. It's time to live life on God's terms. It's time to do faith on God's terms.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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