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Volume 11, Issue 33: What's Your Therapy?

What is your therapy? Each of us have a few activities that we find therapeutic. If you are lucky, you find or make opportunities to engage is such activities regularly. If you do, you find that you are usually in high spirits a good amount of time, if not all the time, regardless of your circumstances.

Which activities do you find therapeutic? Mine are time with God, brisk walking outdoors, writing, cleaning and organizing spaces. I will talk a little bit about my therapeutic activities in this article to inspire you to put words into your therapeutic activities.

  • Time with God

I am fortunate to be able to say that I don't remember the last time I didn't have my early morning time with God. This habit took a long time and a lot of failures and frustrations along the way to cultivate. When I started almost two decades ago, I struggled with waking up early consistently but I have had a good handle on it for several years now.

Time with God for me is really a privilege. I don't have to pray, I get to pray. I don't have to read the Bible, I get to sit under the instruction of an all-knowing, all-powerful God. This time is precious because it anchors me for the day ahead. It's the reservoir for my life. I have a dedicated space at home where I do this each morning, and when I am not home I use the most convenient space available.

  • Brisk Walking outdoors

Aside from strength training, brisk walking is my main form of exercise but it does more for me than keep me physically fit and agile. I find walking very therapeutic. It refreshes my mind, energizes my body and enhances my mood. I like to walk very early in the morning, so the morning breeze adds to the refreshment. I also use this time to pray. I do this every week day irrespective of where I am in the world, or the weather. It's another thing that I have gotten a very good handle on doing consistently over the years. I walk indoors when the weather is unfavorable for outdoor walking.

  • Writing

If I had all the money in the world, I would spend my days writing, raising parents and coaching people. Writing is my muse. It is the thing I lose track of time doing. It's needless to say that I enjoy writing. I find it energizing, exciting and quite therapeutic. I have been writing consistently for slightly over a decade now. I try to post 52 articles on my website each year. That makes for one article each week. Some weeks I write more than two articles while other weeks I write none. But when I sit down to write from my heart, it's sheer enjoyment.

  • Cleaning and organizing spaces

I just like to clean. I know there are probably very few people who can say that, but there are a few of us who enjoy cleaning. I truly enjoy the few minutes I invest in cleaning parts of my house every day. I could go on and on if it weren't for the very limited time I have for cleaning. Don't ask me to organize events, organizing small spaces is my arena. The only criteria is that the space has to be not too messy or cluttered, otherwise I would be too overwhelmed to start. I find organizing a room or a closet in my house therapeutic.

It's your turn now. Can you put words into your therapeutic activities? What is your therapy? What activities do you find therapeutic? Go beyond listing them down to writing what about them you find therapeutic. Then see to it that your schedule affords you the privilege to spend time on your therapeutic activities regularly.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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