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Volume 12, Issue 04: Nail The Day

As I set out to go after my goals again this year, just like last year and the years past, I figure that the best chance I have in succeeding is setting out to win today....every day. My inspiration for this last year was from Mark Batterson's "Win The Day" book. I have scheduled to read it again this month for fresh inspiration.

Goal attainment isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. It is not something we end up with all of a sudden, it is something we work towards. We attain our dreams a day at a time, and an action at a time.

Just like I figured last year, if I want to start my days on time, tackle each and every item on my calendar unhurried, without skipping some, then I have to get out of bed on time, as soon as my body is awake this morning....every morning. If I want to wake up refreshed, I have to go to bed on time tonight....every night.

If I want to read a book a week this year, I need to break that down into a daily habit of reading for an hour today....every day, and listening to two audiobooks a week....every week. If I want to become a seasoned writer, I need to write a few paragraphs today....every day.

If I want to maintain a flat tummy, what holds the key to this become ingrained my reality month after month all year long is my daily habits with food. The best way I have learnt is to watch how much I eat today....every day. Rather than counting on getting it right over time, I will consume a prudent diet today....every day. This constitutes correct food portions in the correct proportions taken at correct frequencies.

Once again, I am applying this principle across the board for all my intentions for 2022. My goals are most likely very different from yours, but what we have in common is a strong desire to go higher this year. We don't want to just look like we are playing our "A" game, we want to really play our "A" game in all spheres of our lives.

In order to attain your goals this year, how can you set out to win today .....every day? What small daily habits can you incorporate in your lifestyle to help you nail the day?There are no overnight successes. Let's chip away at our goals today....every day, and we will most certainly have the future we want.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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