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Volume 12, Issue 08: Keep Weeds At Bay

Where we stay, we have a borehole water system that supplements the city council water. While the water from the city council is very clear and soft, the borehole water is discoloured and hard. The effect of this is discolouration of toilet bowls and sinks if left unattended.

I discovered a product that attacks the hard water stains effectively and efficiently. But by the time I embarked on eliminating the stains, they had taken root on my toilet bowls and sinks. So it took a lot of lengthy repeated scrubs each week to get them off. But once the stains came off, maintenance became a walk in the park. Now it takes me just a minute or two in each bathroom to clear loose hard water stains that keep forming each week.

However, this is the case only when I am diligent about attending to the hard water stains once or twice every week. Knowing how long and how hard it took me to tackle the stains in the first place, I wouldn't dare let them take root again. I would rather invest two minutes in each bathroom once or twice a week to keep the stains from setting than spend several minutes multiple days a week scrubbing off stubborn stains.

As Cathy Morenzie of Weight Loss God's Way amply put it in one of her recent blog posts, using the analogy of a garden, "it's better to never allow weeds in the garden instead of wasting time every year constantly pulling them out. Kill them right away before they take root".

It's better to watch how we eat than have to work hard to get back in shape. It's better to steer off regularly over working yourself than have to deal with the consequences of burnout later. It's better to spend a few minutes each day cleaning and tidying up your space than spend hours on end doing damage control. It's better to have regular health checkups and address minor health issues timely than wait to be shocked with a health crisis that would destabilize your life.

Are you allowing "weeds" in your "garden" and consequently wasting time pulling them out over and over again? Or are you routinely doing the work to keep "weeds" at bay? Are you diligent about quickly killing "weeds" before they take root in your "garden?"


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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