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Volume 12, Issue 09: Radiate His Glory

I was presented with a test yesterday, without my knowledge at the time. The person who had deeply wronged me a couple of weeks ago sent me an email as she couldn't reach me on phone since I had blocked her number. She wasn't writing to apologize and seek reconciliation. She wrote to ask for my help with something important to her. She had found herself in a crisis and reached out to me to come through for her.

Right away, I knew it wasn't right for me to come through for her the way she wanted. But that I could help her in a different way. But what I missed to see in her message is the absence of an apology or remorse over what she had done to me. I went ahead and wrote a brief response, giving her options to consider to address her crisis.

The shocker came a few moments later when she showed up at my door. This person had earlier shut her door in my face when I had gone to her house to see her about the offense she had caused me. She had falsely accused me of something outrageous, busted me, then blocked me, hence denying me a chance to respond in my defense. I let her in and listened to her, then gave her counsel for her crisis. After she left, I sent her an email with a message of encouragement.

It was later in the evening when I reread her message that I found that this person sought me out not because she wanted to first make things right between us. She sought me out to take advantage of the kindness I could extend to her. I am glad I was wise to not give her what she asked for. But I do not regret giving her what I believe is what she really needed - counsel and encouragement.

What I glean from this experience is how important it is for us to represent God well, even when ambushed. I could have slammed my door in her face like she did to me. I could have taken her down memory lane of how she wronged and hurt me not so long ago. But I didn't bring it up. I listened to her, advised her and encouraged her.

We have a testimony to uphold. We need to demonstrate to haters and enemies that we are not like them, that we dance to a different tune. We need to offer kindnesses in exchange for ill treatment, and love for hate. We need to allow the Christ in us shine for all to see. We need to radiate God's glory in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. I am grateful to have had the grace and wisdom to do that yesterday.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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