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Volume 12, Issue 21: Build Resilience

On any journey, and every goal is a journey, there are usually setbacks. We make mistakes, something unexpected happens, or circumstances change. Without resilience, a setback results in the end of the journey.

Most of us have mastered the art of persistence. We are determined to stay committed to the pursuit of our goals. But a time comes when determination alone is not enough. There comes a time when we need to add resilience to our tool box.

We have to be able to withstand or recover from setbacks and difficult situations. That is what resilience is. It's the ability to become strong, healthy and successful again after something bad happens.

Resilience is actually more critical than persistence. As David Beavers has written, persistence is the ability to stay in the game, to not quit, to hang in there. It's the attitude needed for the long haul. Resilience on the other hand is about our capacity to bounce back from difficulties, disappointments, heartbreak and hard times.

Some of us have persistence but lack resilience. Yet resilience is critical in succeeding in life and business. As written by David, persistence keeps us in the race, but resilience returns us to the right path when we get knocked off course, even knocked to the ground.

The ability to bend and not break comes with developing resilience. Since the playing field is never guaranteed to remain predictable, we must develop resilience to guarantee us a chance of making it to the finish line should we have to maneuver a few curve balls along the way.

Moving on and learning from our mistakes takes resilience. By facing facts squarely, allowing time for recovery and bouncing back with an attitude for growth, it's possible to be resilient in the face of any setback.

Although persistence will keep you showing up, it's resilience that will see you resume showing up after dusting yourself from the effects of difficulties and setbacks. Resilience is what makes you unstoppable and unperturbed in the face of setbacks and difficulties.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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