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Volume 13, Issue 18: Focus And Win The Day

I like starting my day on a high note, getting things done before taking it easy. My approach is to get the most important and hardest tasks accomplished early in the day and early in the week, then take it easy towards the tail end of the day and week. This is a pay then play approach to life.

If you resonate with this approach, what do you do on a day or week when you have a lot on your plate? On such occurrences, I have found that it helps to start the day or week with quick wins. This motivates me to keep going after more wins, to keep plowing away at the tasks.

What's likely to happen on a loaded day or week is to feel overwhelmed and consequently paralyzed from taking action. Resist that temptation. Rather than looking at the whole pile of work that needs doing, just pick one and pretend it's the only task that needs your attention. Or start with short and easy tasks to register quick wins to motivate you to keep going.

Planning ahead gives focus to your day. And focus enables you to tackle your day efficiently and get what matters most done. Additionally, think of what you would be most proud of yourself today if you got it done and focus on getting it done first.

James Clear put it this way, "Focus is how you knit the hours of the day together. With focus, the day becomes a beautiful tapestry. Without focus, you end up holding a bundle of loose strings."

Focus is the compass that directs your energy towards your goals. It helps you cut through distractions and stay on track, allowing you to make progress efficiently. With focus, you can channel your efforts effectively, making it easier to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Whatever your pursuit, maintaining focus is key to winning the day.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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