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Volume 13, Issue 19: Build Smarter Systems

How are you doing with your lifelong goals? There are goals that we set to go after for a season or so. But a number of our goals remain on the list year after year. They are not one-off goals, but rather goals that remain relevant to our success for the duration of our lives. They are our lifelong goals.

Just like any other goals, the realization of our lifelong goals is highly dependent on the habits we build. In the absence of a strong system of habits, our lifelong goals go unachieved year after year. At best, they remain at a below average level of attainment.

It's not enough to be consistent with a habit, we must endeavor to make improvements daily, regularly, or at least over time. In the pursuit of our lifelong goals, we must continue learning in order to continuously improve and adapt our habits for optimal results.

As I stood before the mirror this morning, the reflection of my physique reminded me that I have come a long way in my health and fitness journey. I remembered that I started this journey about 15 years ago. I have learnt so much about health and fitness over the years and adjusted and improved my practices over and over again.

It has taken building smarter systems over time to get me where I am today with my lifelong goals. And I am not done yet. 15 years ago I signed myself up as a lifetime student for personal development. Ever since, I have continued learning and improving my habits for my growth and to grow others.

"We all have goals in life, but the reality is your goals are only as good as the habits you build. It's your system - your collection of habits - that determine which goals will actually be achieved. Learn to build smarter systems and create habits that get you closer to your goals each day." James Clear.

Are you achieving your goals - your one-off goals, your seasonal goals and your lifelong goals? Do you have lifelong goals whose levels of achievement have remained subpar for years? It all boils down to your systems. It's time you built smarter systems and created habits that will help you achieve your goals.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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