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Volume 13, Issue 21: Maximize Your "A's"

What are your "A" tasks at work? There's no denying that there are aspects of our work that we feel drained by and dread doing, there are tasks that we are average at, and there are tasks that we ace and enjoy doing. The latter are tasks that we are great at and whose execution come naturally to us. They are the tasks you come alive doing. They excite and energize you, and you excel at them.

Maximizing your "A's" at work means focusing on your strengths and actualized abilities, and leveraging them to achieve success and fulfillment in your work. It's about identifying what you excel at and putting your energy into honing those skills, pursuing tasks that align with your strengths, and finding opportunities to apply them in meaningful ways.

What are your "A" social activities? Just like with work, there are social activities that energize you, and there are those that drain you. There are people with whom spending time with excites and refreshes you, and there are those with whom spending time with leaves you worn out.

Maximizing your "A" social activities involves prioritizing and engaging in social interactions and events that bring fulfillment, joy, and meaning to your life. It's about identifying the activities, gatherings, or communities where you feel most comfortable, connected, and happy, and dedicating time and energy to participate in those social experiences.

Essentially, maximizing your "A" tasks at work is about prioritizing tasks that align with your strengths, skills and goals, while also contributing significantly to the success of your team or organization. It's about focusing on high-impact activities, delivering exceptional results, and continually seeking opportunities for growth and improvement in your professional endeavors.

Similarly, maximizing your "A" social activities is essentially about nurturing and investing in the social aspects of your life that bring you the most satisfaction and enrichment. Each of us owes it to ourselves to cultivate the lifestyle that feels ideal for us most of the time.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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