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Volume 13, Issue 24: Keep The Momentum

In the pursuit of a goal, focusing on the end result may be daunting. In other cases, the end result may be so big that you think cheating every now and then would be inconsequential. In both cases, you may choose to allow yourself to miss showing up on some days.

Skipping days on your activities breaks the momentum. In some cases, every time you skip days, you have to start on the goal all over again. And it takes awhile to build your momentum back up. Skipping days compromises your ability to achieve your goal, and how long it takes you to achieve it, if at all.

In the long run, it's actually easier to show up everyday. I noticed this with dusting my floors. My house is always clean because I take 20 minutes to give my entire house a good dusting every day. When I skip days, I have to spend more time on the task to get the floors back to clean again. As such, skipping days isn't worth it for me. It costs me more than the easy daily cost of 20 minutes.

When I make the mistake to skip days on my morning workout and walk, I pay the price of struggling to regain momentum, and feeling itchy when I resume walking - having to bear the discomfort over time until it wears out. I could talk of many other examples, but you get the point. Daily actions aren't that hard, and they deliver results, if we keep the momentum going day by day.

I like how James Clear put it in one his weekly posts last August. "It's not that hard on any given day, but the trick is you can't skip days. Your workout can be reasonable and still deliver results - if you don't skip days. Your writing sessions can be short and the work will still accumulate - if you don't skip days. As long as you're working, you'll get there."


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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