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Volume 13, Issue 25: Work Hard

Many outcomes in life require effort. Some outcomes require effort and luck. Some outcomes require only luck. So what is one to do when the requirement for an outcome is known or unknown? Work hard.

You can never go wrong with working hard. When you work hard, you get what you are in pursuit of if the results depend on effort alone. When you work hard and the results depend on effort and luck, you rest assured that you did all you could to influence the outcome. When you work hard and the results depend on luck alone, whether or not you get the outcome, you are better off for having exerted yourself.

Working hard in the right things builds you up, irrespective of whether or not you attain what you are pursuing. You are never worse off for working hard. Working hard always leaves you in a better place than you were before you put in the effort.

Working hard has several intrinsic benefits, regardless of whether you achieve the specific goal you are aiming for. These include character building, skill development, self-improvement, confidence building, learning experience, habit formation, resilience, sense of purpose, positive reputation and intrinsic satisfaction.

"Work hard. If results depend on effort, then you will carry yourself far. If results depend on effort and luck, then you will have done what you can do to influence the outcome. If results depend on luck alone, then the outcome is random, but you will have won the battle with yourself." James Clear.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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