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Volume 13, Issue 29: Make It Effortless

There are actions that we must or want to take each day to make life beautiful. Yet sometimes we dread to take them because of the effort involved in taking them. But there's a better way, a way that would ensure that we stay motivated to take the actions and do so without fail.

If it's cleaning your house, can you think of ways to make the task effortless? Can you simply the process?

If it's exercising, can you think of ways to make your workouts pleasurable? Is there music you would like to listen to while you exercise? Can you shifts your workouts to ones that you find pleasurable?

If it is reading, can you focus on reading material that is interesting and enjoyable to you? Could you do find a reading place that feels luxurious to you?

For mundane tasks such as cooking or cleaning or ironing, can you plan to turn on captivating podcasts to listen to while you do them?

Just because things have to be done doesn't mean they have to be hard. Life is to be enjoyed. So find ways to simplify your life. Find ways to make your activities effortless.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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