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Volume 01, Issue 40: Adversity is the Test of Integrity

Many times we fall into the trap of building our competence while neglecting our character. We read about celebrities who rise to stardom, but shortchange their greatness by character flaws that soon become difficult to hide from the public and lead to their downfall.

In the superhighway of greatness, our character is just as important as our competence. Developing character alongside competence is crucial for enduring greatness. As advised by Andy Stanley, it is incumbent upon you to do all you can now to prepare yourself for your eventual success. Your gifts will open doors. Your character will determine what you do once those doors are open.

Although competence gets you to the top, it is character that keeps you there. Your brilliance will not sustain you at the top in the absence of a strong moral authority. Make a deliberate effort to build your character beside your competence, for they are both equally important.

Our talents can take us to places we never imagined possible. But unless our character is strong enough to weather the temptations that we find at the top, our success will only be short-lived.

We often hear it said that adversity shapes character. But in essence, our character is not really developed in adversity, it is merely displayed there. Our integrity becomes most visible in times of crisis, trials and temptations.

Adversity is the test of integrity. Our character is tested during hard times. We cannot afford to wait for times of testing to decide how we will respond to life. We have to determine beforehand how we will respond when tested. There is no opportunity to think clearly and analyze your options during a test. All you can do during a test is manage your predetermined decisions.

Decide on your values and determine in advance how you will respond when confronted with an offer to compromise them.

Don’t wait until a temptation blurs your judgment to determine how you shall respond. If the alternative actions are not determined earlier, a temptation or a crisis moment affords you no time to brainstorm, but only a moment to pick the course of action to take.

A man without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself. He belongs to whatever makes him captive. Richard John Foster.

Lillian Chebosi




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