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Volume 01 Issue 04: Personal Renovation

I was thinking of how depending on our personalities, we hold on to things that no longer serve us, things that basically belong in the trash bin. Some of us hold on to the first bank accounts we opened when we got our first jobs even when they are inefficient and have been outgrown by our needs. For some its furniture, clothes, and if you are like me, you may still have your exercise books from college. We renovate our houses and offices from time to time; and sometimes we do a wardrobe makeover to give ourselves a new look. But what about personal renovation? Just like renovating a house adds value to it, there certainly is value addition in taking time to take stock of our lives every now and then, if only to keep us on track on our journeys of personal growth. We have seen buildings under renovation covered up with sisal bags or iron sheets and when the covers are removed we marvel at the transformation the building has attained. Depending on where you are, it may be time to put up a mental sign that you are under renovation.

Is it time to build a better you? In evaluating your relationships, make a list of people who;


  • You want to emulate;
  • Inspire you and how they inspire you;
  • Are toxins to flash out;
  • Are hindrances/obstacles in your life
  • Are distractions/a waste of time
  • Are friends you want to hold on to


It’s not just our relationships that need renovation from time to time. Personal renovation has to do with all areas of life. Part of it is our finances, the things that we value, our habits, our lifestyles, our health, the way we spend our time, our preoccupations, the list is endless. Consider asking yourself the following questions reflectively;


  • Which areas of my life do I need to mend?
  • Which areas of my life do I need to repair?
  • Which areas of my life do I need to restore?
  • Which areas of my life do I need to fix up?
  • Which areas of my life do I need to refurbish?

Then take action. Become a better you.


Lillian Chebosi