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Volume 11, Issue 04: Plan and Focus to Win

What is planned and given focus gets done. In my "Win the Day" theme for the year, I have so far noticed that it's not that hard if I plan ahead and focus on the details. To win the day, at the start of your day, better yet, at the end of the previous day, make a mental and physical or digital note of what you want to do the next day to win the day, including all the details.

I do this both mentally and in a notes app on my phone before going to bed. For my workout, I select the routine I am going to use the next morning so that when the time comes I don't waste time choosing. I also select the podcast I would be listening to while I work out. For my lunch break, I decide what I am going to study and write so I don't beat about the bush. How about you? What strategies do you apply to keep you focused on the goals you are going after?

For some people, some of their goals are hard to tackle because they are not things they necessarily enjoy yet, and they are just getting started at them. They are therefore prone to procrastinate taking action or bail altogether. If any of your win the day tasks are hard for you, you are better off starting with them first thing in the morning.

If you want to win at getting a workout done for your health goal but you are not very fond of exercising, start your day with it. Get it over and done with at the onset of your day. Don't let something you dislike doing torture you all day and keep you from winning the day.

How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it. Make the most of the early part of your day and it will motivate you to keep showing up well for the rest of the day. I have found this true for myself. If I am on time for my tasks from the start of the day, I feel unstoppable and fulfilled.

In his book, Win the Day: 7 Habits to Stress Less and Accomplish More, Mark Batterson wrote, "what's the one thing you least like to do, but feel best about afterwards. That's your frog. It's often the hardest habit to establish but it pays the biggest dividends. Whatever it is, you've got to figure out a morning routine that works for you. If you want to win the day, you've got to attack the day. It's time to eat the frog."

For me, this is getting out of bed as soon as my body is awake. Once I win at this, I can tackle following my calendar. Having done this for awhile, at this point in my journey I don't necessarily have goals that I still find hard to tackle, with the exception of some relational goals. This reminds me that this year, I need to challenge myself to win at my relational goals. I need to gather the courage to have those conversations, make those phone calls as scheduled.

Don't despair if you are just getting started at some of your goals. Doing the tasks becomes second nature over time if you diligently put yourself out there every day. How do you do that? By planning ahead each day and keeping the tasks before you throughout the day. Start the day with the tasks you are most likely to procrastinate on and use that sense of accomplishment to motivate you to do the rest.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi