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Volume 10, Issue 39: Forever Friendships

Do you remember how it was when we were kids? Most of us had best friends with whom we did a lot of things together. We had lots of fun and got in trouble together. We dreamt of going to the same high school together, we couldn't bear the thought of being separated. And when the worst happened and we ended up getting accepted by different high schools, we bid each other farewell in tears and vowed to write letters to each other every week. Those were good times. Doing life with our friends enriched our lives greatly.

But the story isn't quite the same for most of us now. We live in times when true friendships are hard to spot. Most of us find ourselves engaged in multiple social media groups but lacking in close individual friendships. I know very few people who can really refer to anyone as their best friend.

The truth is, we are wired for deep friendships but we have settled for mere friendships of convenience. God revealed to us one of deep friendships in David and Jonathan's story. These two were covenant friends, a bond that was forged as soon as they met. Jonathan became David's number one advocate and friend - sharing everything with David - from his royal robe and weapons - armor, sword, bow and belt, and defending David before his father, King Saul. David and Jonathan's was a friendship that stood the test of fierce opposition and death.

““Come outside,” said Jonathan. “Let’s go to the field.” When the two of them were out in the field, Jonathan said, “As GOD, the God of Israel, is my witness, by this time tomorrow I’ll get it out of my father how he feels about you. Then I’ll let you know what I learn. May GOD do his worst to me if I let you down! If my father still intends to kill you, I’ll tell you and get you out of here in one piece. And GOD be with you as he’s been with my father! If I make it through this alive, continue to be my covenant friend. And if I die, keep the covenant friendship with my family—forever. And when GOD finally rids the earth of David’s enemies, stay loyal to Jonathan!” Jonathan repeated his pledge of love and friendship for David. He loved David more than his own soul!” ‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭20:11-17‬ ‭MSG‬‬

If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that we long for deeper, closer friends with whom we can share life. We should have such friendships with our spouses or significant others, and a few other people, even just one. I believe we can stretch our faith and believe God to help us build a few forever friendships. We can ask God to help us go out and find someone who needs us to be their friend.

But we can't pray and do nothing. God isn't going to drop friends from heaven like manna. Let's accompany our faith with actions as the Lord leads. If you have a spouse or significant other that you don't feel as close to as you would like to be, begin taking steps towards deepening your connection and friendship. Let's go out and find someone who needs us to be their friend. Some of us have a random friend or kin whom we don't pay much attention to. They could be the people who need us to be their friend. Let's start investing in the friendship and see how it goes.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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