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Volume 13, Issue 29: Keep Knocking

Here's what came to my mind a few days ago. Should I keep knocking on a door I am hoping to stay open a little longer until it's crystal clear that it is closing? What do I have to lose by continuing to pray for something even when I know there's talk to give it to someone else? I think until the decision is communicated, I'll keep trusting God for it, asking Him to grant it if it's His will for me.

At this point, I know full well that I may not get the opportunity. In fact the odds are clearly against me getting it, given the writing on the wall. But isn't this the point to press in even harder? Isn't this the recipe for a great testimony in the making if God chooses to make things work in my favour?

I will keep seeking and knocking until it's clear that I have it or don't have it. Then, and only then will I shift my focus to pray for something else, for the next opportunity. Equally important, I will not be heartbroken if I don't get the current opportunity I am seeking. But I will not have regrets either for not giving my all in trusting God for it. And I will have built my faith muscle in the process.

When David's child from the affair he had with Bathsheba fell deathly ill, he fasted and prayed desperately for days for God to heal the child. As soon as he heard that the child had died, he got up, cleaned up and went to the sanctuary to worship God. He then went back home and ate. This is illustrated in the twelfth chapter of book of second Samuel from the fifteenth verse.

Even when the future looks bleak for what you are seeking, keep on seeking until it's clear that the door is closed. You never know what God might make happen in your favour. But prepare your heart for the possibility of not getting it, so that when all is said and done, you are ready to be grateful and upbeat irrespective of the outcome.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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