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Volume 12, Issue 46: Hang In There

A recent experience reminded me of the importance of hanging in there when a new experience feels hard. When you start something new such as a new discipline or a new occupation or a job change or a move to a new location, what you feel at first is excitement. But in some cases, the excitement wares off and in its place comes a feeling of something negative.

Things may start off hard at the beginning of a new experience. In my case, it was homesickness once the excitement of the short-term relocation for work wore off. I still don't know how to describe the feeling, but I felt a strong sense of sadness and loneliness especially over the weekends. It was nothing like I had ever felt before. I prayed my way through it. Otherwise I would have quit and taken the next flight back home.

By the third weekend, by the grace of God, my homesickness had worn off. Reflecting on this experience today made me appreciate the importance of hanging in there when it's hard. Some experiences may start off hard, but if the experience is right for you, it will get easier with time. You will even start to blossom and to thrive.

I have learnt that where God directs, he also provides. And His provision knows no bounds. Just to mention a few, God provides healing and a glad heart in the place of heaviness. He provides resources and opportunities in the place of lack. He provides hope in the place of despair.

Are there situations in your life this past year that when you think of now, you see the handiwork of God? Were there any experiences in your path this year that started off hard but you persevered through and eventually got easy?


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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