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Volume 12, Issue 47: Let Go

If you are anything like me, the curtains for 2023 are drawing to a close with a few incomplete projects, or missed opportunities or failures. How are you feeling about it?

We must cut ourselves some slack, pardon ourselves and let go. If we are going to start the new year on a right footing, we first need to let go of this year's failures and successes.

Let go of this year's failures and disappointments. As you gear up to do better and go further next year, don't limit yourself to the best you were able to accomplish this year. Just because you didn't hit the mark in some of your pursuits this year doesn't mean that you can't surpass expectations next year.

You are not defined by your failures. Give yourself permission to dream bigger next year. You can do better. You can go further next year.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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