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Volume 13, Issue 01: A Good Start

Compliments of the new year!

As we endeavor to double down on what worked well last year, we can't help but be fixated on the areas where we struggled to perform and deliver on. As such, you may be tempted to start by going all out on your problem areas. But I am afraid that is not the way to go. That route is likely to get you burnt out faster than you can imagine.

Starting by drafting simple improvements that you can make immediately is the way to go, taking simple steps in the immediate term and progressively increasing them as you go. What you want to do at the start is build consistency and discipline, as well as celebrate every milestone you hit to encourage you to keep going.

Give yourself a chance at making it this year. You mostly likely did well in some areas. Don't let fixating on the areas you did poorly on get you off on a shaky start. I believe starting the year with immediate wins is the way to go. As such, I recommend first doubling down on what worked well and taking baby steps on improving what did not work so well.

This is not to say that you are not going to go all in to succeed where you failed last year. It is about ensuring you get a footing in the game, rather than risk not having any chance at succeeding at all. Once you master the art of showing up, then you can make progressive improvements.

James Clear put it across precisely when he wrote, "Forget about peak performance. Would your results improve if you simply focused on being reliable in the normal moments? Show up when it's easy to skip. Do the fundamentals and do them well. And so on. Before you make it complicated, remember there are always simple improvements waiting to be made."


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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