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Volume 13, Issue 06: Harvesting Wisdom

I have learnt three key lessons so far this February. The first is not to take lightly what someone considers serious. The second one is not to sweat the small stuff. And the third one is to embrace the right posture of being unbothered.

When I was reflecting about my January, I had difficulty recollecting what the key lessons were for me in the month. I now realize that was the case because I was trying too hard. The truth is, lessons aren't that hard to be recognized, because most lessons come about from experiences.

One of my experiences in the month of January was being invited to a public religious ceremony. I learnt that as much as I value how I spend my down time, I also value people who extend kindness to me even when it's an invitation to an activity I would never consider being a part of.

Sometimes people invite us to activities and events that are important to them. In some cases they do it in order for them to have company, and sometimes they do it to afford the invitees an opportunity to partake of something special with them. I learnt to admit that I will not always be interested in or excited about all the invitations I receive, but for the sake of the relationship I have with the person extending me the invitation, I would consider going in their honour.

The other experience that stood out for me last month was an invitation I received to have coffee with a colleague and her family. She treated my fellow foreign colleague and I to a hearty meal in the confines of her warm cozy home, by all means my cup of tea. I felt so cared for that afternoon. I felt at home. It felt as if I were back home, visiting with friends and family.

Another experience that warmed my heart last month was when a colleague having noticed that I was returning a large sauce pan to the office kitchen on a Monday morning, she didn't say anything but the next day she brought me two new sauce pans from her house for my use at my hotel apartment for the remainder of my stay. I thought that was very caring and thoughtful of her.

From these two experiences, I learnt the importance of going out of my way to extend kindness and hospitality to people, especially when I don't have to. I learnt that I should make it a habit to every now and then extend hospitality to someone, in the comfort of my home. I also learnt the value of paying attention to the people around me and meeting their needs without their asking.

I endeavor to take these lessons back home with me and act on them. I am also geared up to keep a keen eye on the lessons that my experiences will keep bringing my way this year. I encourage you to do the same.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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