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Volume 13, Issue 19: Move On Quickly

If you find that you have made a mess at something, there's no point putting yourself down over it for an extended period of time. Once you come to terms with it, quickly admit your wrong, ask for forgiveness, and swiftly move on to make amends and leave the mess behind you.

The Bible says, "There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus". What God seeks is a truly repentant heart. We read in the fifty first chapter of the book of Psalms that "A contrite and broken heart the Lord will not despise." Therefore once we sincerely repent of our wrongs, the Lord forgives us immediately.

Having asked for forgiveness from the person you wronged, and received forgiveness from the Lord, you should quickly forgive yourself and move on. There's no point hanging on to the matter and putting yourself down over it.

Even if the person you wronged refuses to forgive you, quickly forgive yourself and move on. Similarly, when you are the one wronged, quickly forgive the offender and move on, even when they are not sorry. Being human, we cannot avoid getting offended and offending others occasionally. Get in the habit of moving on quickly from offenses.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 18: Joy Comes With The Morning

As we do life with the people we love, we sometimes get wounded by them. What I have learnt is the importance of going to God with our hurts and allowing him to mend us and guide us on how to proceed.

I like how although I can be distressed over a hurt for a day, as long as I am submitting myself to God's tending, I wake up the next day bubbling with joy and knowing the direction to take.

As long as we relate with people, we cannot completely shield ourselves from getting hurt by them from time to time. But because we walk with God, we don't have to fear getting hurt. Because he is there to see us through the pain, and to heal and mend us.

Don't hang on to your hurt when people hurt you. Release the hurt and the person, and entrust yourself to God to make you whole again. And don't wait for the one who hurt you to apologize before you can forgive them. Forgive them anyway and let God take care of you.

Don't let pain linger, and bitterness and resentment fester. Rather be quick to forgive people who hurt you. Do it for you, for your own good. Then you will find that although sorrow may last for the night, joy indeed comes with the morning.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 17: The Power Within

When I look at our teenagers today with their lofty ambitions to make it big in the world, I sometimes wonder if they have it in them. I see the talents and the brilliance, but wonder if they have the mindset, character, attitude, work ethic, grit and resilience to overcome adversity and failure in order to succeed at the highest level of their craft.

I enjoyed reading these words from Jon Gordon last week. He was describing what coaches should look for when determining which of the most talented high school and college baseball players have what it takes to make it to Major League Baseball. This is what he advised the coaches and players.

"Are they someone who has discovered the power inside them? Are they someone who realizes that there's greatness within them? Do they know they are more powerful than their circumstances? Have they tapped into the love, joy and goodness within them? Do they feed the positive or negative inside them? Do they allow fear to inhibit them or love to propel them?"

Gordon continued to reiterate, "Everyone has this power inside them. Everyone has the power to work hard, be resilient and gritty, live with character and integrity, stay positive and be an overcomer. The ones who thrive are those who tap into it and unleash it".

Tap into the greatness within you by having a high state of mind. You have inside you everything you need to be your best. Know that power and utilize it. Then mentor the teenagers and youth in your life to do the same.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 16: Reflected Experience

Experience is not the best teacher, reflected experience is. What do we have if we do not learn from our experiences? We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.

Sometimes life is forgiving enough to bring us the same challenges. We must endeavor to learn from our experiences such that the next time the same challenge that we didn't handle well the last time we faced it comes around, we tackle it like a pro.

The same challenge the second time around should not master us. But it will master us not only the second time around, but also the third and fourth times around if we don't stop to reflect on the experience.

I was reminded of this the other day when I was faced with a challenge of the exact nature I faced a year ago. Back then, that challenge took me by surprise and I handled it the best way I knew, to the best of my understanding. But I later realized that I handled it all wrong. I was ignorant of how to handle situation and as a result I made a mess of things. It took me awhile to clean up my mess after.

This time around I know better. I stopped myself when I began to panic. Then thought through the right course of action from what I learnt from the last experience. I have purposed to follow through this right course of action until the situation is resolved.

Have you ever faced a similar challenge more than once and handled it the same incorrect way and ended up with unsatisfactory results each time? Take time to reflect on those experiences with the intention to learn from them.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 15: Pick One

What's the one thing you can focus your attention on to perfect or to get a better handle of this week that if you did, would give you the most sense of satisfaction?

Sometimes we find that we struggle to perfect a number of things all at once. Weeks come and go and we regret that we have not attained 100% success at any of them. When this happens week after week, it comes a time when we need to decide to go for gold for one pursuit at a time.

This doesn't mean we stop working on the other pursuits. It just means that we prioritize one and give it our all until we master it. Then pick the next one and do the same.

Let's have the mindset that it's all or nothing in the pursuit of our goals. A little bit of success is not success. Getting it right one day and missing the mark the next two days is not success. It is mediocrity. Successful people set achievable goals, they go after them and achieve them. That's who we are, and we are going to do just that.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi