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Volume 02, Issue 03: Thriving to Get a Paycheck

We all get up week after week to go to work. Have you ever considered whether or not you are a willing worker? Could it be that you do your work begrudgingly? Working just for the paycheck is a waste of life, not with all the opportunities available to each one of us to make a decent living doing what we love.

The best way is to spend your day at work is to throw yourself into it with passion and choose to revel in productivity. One can only have passion for their work if they are pursuing things in the area of their natural gifting.

What makes the Proverbs 31 woman rise so early to delve into her work with such eagerness? She must love her work so much so to throw herself into it like she does and still manage to have the zeal to be wonderful to everyone in her world and excel in all other areas of her life. She not only reaps great financial gain from her work, she enjoys herself doing it.

Whatever your job is, see to it that it is something you love to do. Passion is everything when it comes to one’s occupation. It makes the difference between thriving and surviving to get a paycheck. Let all your senses be involved in the things you choose to engage in and reap a profit from. Don’t only seek to gain financial dividends but immense pleasure from the tasks you do.

Take a candid assessment of your abilities and passions and choose your work along those parameters. Develop your natural gifts into a productive craft that will be valuable to others and bring you personal joy and satisfaction. Seek to work in the area of your passion and perform with excellence, knowing that if your motivation is to bless others with your gifts, you will naturally prosper.

Live life passionately. Using your natural abilities in your work and in response to the needs around you will stir your heart. Small wonder the Proverbs 31 woman rises early and goes to bed late. She is consumed by enthusiasm. She enjoys her work and looks forward to it. If you love what you do, you will be excellent at it and others will be blessed by your contributions.

Lillian Chebosi




Volume 02, Issue 02: Encourage Others to Become

Every one of us longs to know that our life has a greater meaning than what we experience for ourselves in the day to day. We want to have meaningful effect on other people’s lives. Do you long to make a difference in the lives of others? Let your encouragement birth greatness in the hearts of many.

Inspire others to fulfill their purpose in life. Desist from being self-centered, only thinking of developing yourself. Be about building up and equipping others to be the best they can be. You did not get to where you are on your own. Others who have gone before you provided shoulders for you to climb on. Do the same for others.

Are you willing to develop people until they surpass you in knowledge and ability? Great people are determined to see their counterparts rise to a level equal or even greater than themselves. They are fulfilled when they see their protégés living up to their fullest potential.

Should you feel threatened by the success of others, begin by investing in your own security. Once you are secure in your own worth, you will be able to allow others to thrive in their giftings and encourage them to do so without feeling threatened by their achievements.

Be driven by the needs of those around you. Know when to reach out. Some people are too petrified to get started without your help. Recognize that sometimes your protégés need your encouragement, assistance and inspirational presence in order to launch out their dream.

Don’t merely suggest. Follow through. Encourage others to move forward. Don’t be too busy in your own world, with your own concerns to stop and focus on others. Take the time to remind others of their purpose in life and then get them going. Let them know that you have their back all the way. If you are going to give, you might as well be extravagant with your support.

With follow-through, know when to let go and force others to spread their own wings, take their own journeys. Do not help others to paralysis. Know when to encourage and when to release others to grow into the fullness of who they were created to be. Master the delicate balance of encouraging without rescuing, to allow others to exercise their inner being and grow in strength, empowered and liberated by their personal achievements.

When we focus on helping others to be great, we end up being greater by virtue of having helped them. We cannot lift others to higher heights without their collective achievements lifting us even higher.

Lillian Chebosi

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Volume 02, Issue 01: Prepare for Opportunities

Prepare for opportunities before they show up. Get yourself ready beforehand. Let the opportunities you are waiting for find you ready, well equipped to capitalize on them.

Before doing anything great, you have to become it. Once you discover your potential, develop your strengths and make yourself ready for approaching opportunities. Don’t wait for opportunities to come in order to begin preparing for them. The few who rule the world prepare for the opportunity long before it appears.

The question is not whether or not opportunities will come. The question is, will your opportunities find you prepared? Once you discover what you are good at, take the time to prepare adequately to be ready for approaching opportunities. Some opportunities come only once. Don’t be ill prepared and consequently miss the opportunity of your lifetime.

The successful are always prepared for the moment when opportunity knocks. Opportunity will knock indeed. But if it doesn’t find a prepared vessel, it moves on in search of someone who is ready to welcome success, or whatever the heart desires.

If you have waited long enough for a chance to live up to your potential, you have realized that life is a do it yourself project. Your success will be the product of the investment you make in developing yourself today for tomorrow’s opportunities. Prepare for opportunities, ready yourself to capitalize on them when they arrive.


Lillian Chebosi



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Volume 01, Issue 52: Charisma and Your Gift

Listening to the speeches of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, US President Barrack Obama, Our very own Prime Minister Raila Odinga, we may be drawn to deduce that prominence is only for those with charismatic abilities. You may consider yourself and admit to having no pinch of charisma and subsequently disqualify yourself from greatness. That on the grounds that you cannot draw a crowd’s attention to yourself, you could never be great. But what really is charisma? Is it standing at a podium and addressing people?

Real charisma is not about impressing people but being other people minded. Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic speech "I Have a Dream" was not about impressing people but the expression of his deep felt commitment for the freedom of his people.

It is not charisma that makes you great. It is your gift. Everybody is charismatic when operating in their gift. When you do that which you love to do, that which you are passionate about and best expresses your heart; or that which you are naturally good at, that which you were built for; you cannot help it but be charismatic. The honours is then to connect with your gift, isn’t it?


There’s that one thing that makes you come alive and gives you the greatest satisfaction when you do; that which you do with ease - comes naturally to you; and that you can be the best at. When you discover it, you will realize that you too are charismatic whenever you get an opportunity to operate in it.

The Bible reiterates that your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men. Doesn’t it then mean that we receive the most fulfillment, recognition and reward when we operate in our gift? Due to the dynamics of life it is a given that we do not operate in our gift all the time. But it certainly would serve us well if we took every opportunity to maximize the times we function in our gift.

Lillian Chebosi



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Volume 01, Issue 51: Celebrate Others

God has given each of us different strengths so that we can make distinctive contributions to the world. As you play your part, you should not expect everyone else to have your strengths. Instead, we must value each other’s contributions because nobody can do it all. You must never belittle someone else’s contribution.

We shouldn’t be overly concerned with the limelight being just on us. It’s not just about you. Others around you are making commendable strides on their journeys. Stop and notice with delight, and while you are at it, be sure not to keep it from them. We must nurture the attitude of being genuinely happy for other people’s accomplishments.

You are not the only one entitled to enjoy good tidings. God is in the business of blessing people and he is no respecter of persons. So don’t get astounded when others around you prosper. Gladly celebrate other people’s good fortune without a twinge.

Graciously give credit where it is due and celebrate the victory of others without drawing undue attention to yourself. Within the teams that you work in, learn to always congratulate others for a job well done.

Give praise where it is due. Everyone responds to praise, people and God alike. So don’t be stingy with your praises. It costs you nothing and it enriches the lives of those around you. Be open with your admiration without arousing jealousy and covetousness in yourself.

Celebrating other people’s successes is a strength that we should all embrace. It says we are mature and confident in ourselves enough to openly acknowledge the accomplishments of others with genuine elation. We shouldn’t be intimidated by the success of others. People who can’t celebrate others are insecure about themselves.

Learn how to empower those in your life by celebrating the contributions they make and magnifying even their small advancements to spur them on to greater heights. Be driven to draw out the best in others by being aware that you are only as great as those who surround you.

Lillian Chebosi