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Volume 13, Issue 22: Intentional Self Care

Some people who are very industrious struggle with slowing down on a regular basis for self care. If there are things to be done, they will plough through them, pushing past their fatigue. This isn't a good practice by any standard.

Self care is about listening to your body. There are days when I can go on with work for hours on end, like last Friday and Saturday because of an event I was hosting that Saturday afternoon. Today I noticed that my body wasn't feeling like being pushed too much. I am glad I listened and took it easy this afternoon and evening.

If you are anything like me, let's make a practice of listening to our bodies and take regular breaks. I hide behind going to bed early almost every night and getting enough sleep. But I think that's not good enough. I also need to take a short break whenever I feel exhausted during the day.

Let's give self care some thought and see how best we can incorporate little bits of rest throughout the day, while remaining industrious.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 21: Steadfast In Faith

When things are not working in an area of your life. It could be a health or financial challenge. Or your teenage or adult child is not walking right in one aspect or another. Or things are chaotic at your place of work. Or you are battling with barrenness in an area of your life. Search the Scriptures to come up with relevant prayers to pray over the issue.

Choose to walk in faith no matter how long it takes for your dream to manifest. Stand firm on the Word of God and declare it for as long as it takes. God watches over his Word to fulfill it. He is faithful to act in accordance with his Word.

Whatever you correctly believe is right for you, be persistent in the pursuit of it in faith and prayer, however long it takes. It's the best course of action to take. You have nothing to lose by being steadfast in faith. After all, the worst that could happen is that you don't get what you are seeking.

Trust God to come through for you, even when it seems unlikely or impossible. Sometimes the circumstances on the outside look so hopeless. Don't let that intimidate you, because nothing is too hopeless for God to turn around. Keep praying about it and trusting God no matter how bleak the situation seems.

Don't sit back and let life happen to you. Take control by fighting for what you want by reaching out to God to intervene for you. Then trust him to do what he chooses. And trust that his choice for you is the best deal you could ever get.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 20: New Beginnings

New beginnings are possible at any point in life. You can say, "from this point on, this is the direction I am taking." You can say, "from this point on, I am no longer doing that or being like that, or taking that, or allowing that to happen."

New beginnings are possible every day or week or month or year. All it takes is an "aha" moment. That is why it is important to constantly expose ourselves to new information and knowledge. We do that from attending seminars and conferences, reading books, listening to podcasts among other avenues.

I have found that making a new beginning puts a spring in one's step. It brings excitement and vibrancy. It makes one feel like a new person, with a new lease of life, ready to achieve great feats.

Don't deny yourself the opportunity to make new beginnings every now and then. It's denying yourself the opportunity of making amends in your life, righting wrongs, taking a course of action for the betterment of your life and other people's.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 19: Move On Quickly

If you find that you have made a mess at something, there's no point putting yourself down over it for an extended period of time. Once you come to terms with it, quickly admit your wrong, ask for forgiveness, and swiftly move on to make amends and leave the mess behind you.

The Bible says, "There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus". What God seeks is a truly repentant heart. We read in the fifty first chapter of the book of Psalms that "A contrite and broken heart the Lord will not despise." Therefore once we sincerely repent of our wrongs, the Lord forgives us immediately.

Having asked for forgiveness from the person you wronged, and received forgiveness from the Lord, you should quickly forgive yourself and move on. There's no point hanging on to the matter and putting yourself down over it.

Even if the person you wronged refuses to forgive you, quickly forgive yourself and move on. Similarly, when you are the one wronged, quickly forgive the offender and move on, even when they are not sorry. Being human, we cannot avoid getting offended and offending others occasionally. Get in the habit of moving on quickly from offenses.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 13, Issue 18: Joy Comes With The Morning

As we do life with the people we love, we sometimes get wounded by them. What I have learnt is the importance of going to God with our hurts and allowing him to mend us and guide us on how to proceed.

I like how although I can be distressed over a hurt for a day, as long as I am submitting myself to God's tending, I wake up the next day bubbling with joy and knowing the direction to take.

As long as we relate with people, we cannot completely shield ourselves from getting hurt by them from time to time. But because we walk with God, we don't have to fear getting hurt. Because he is there to see us through the pain, and to heal and mend us.

Don't hang on to your hurt when people hurt you. Release the hurt and the person, and entrust yourself to God to make you whole again. And don't wait for the one who hurt you to apologize before you can forgive them. Forgive them anyway and let God take care of you.

Don't let pain linger, and bitterness and resentment fester. Rather be quick to forgive people who hurt you. Do it for you, for your own good. Then you will find that although sorrow may last for the night, joy indeed comes with the morning.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi