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Volume 10, Issue 42: Managing Your Energy Part II

We are picking off from part I of this series where we introduced the topic of energy management. It would be better for you to start with part I before diving into this one. In this part we are going to talk about my energy rhythms as an example for how to best manage our energy for efficiency and fulfillment.

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I am most productive in the morning. My mental, creative, spiritual and physical energy are at their peak in the morning. Therefore I don't struggle getting a lot done in the early hours of the day. I found that if I left crucial or hard tasks to the later part of the day, they will either not get done or I would struggle to do them - spend a lot more time getting them done than I would if I did them in the morning.

With this information, I try to do less demanding tasks in the afternoon and later in the week. I schedule my weekly team meetings for the tail end of the week to discuss outputs for the week and set priorities for the next week. For meetings I am invited to, I negotiate to have them in the late afternoon so as to not interfere with my most productive time in the morning when I want to focus on getting my most important work done.

I don't prepare dinner in the evenings now like I did when my kids were younger as they and my husband do most of the cooking now. But I remember how hard I found the task if I started late in the evening. I recall it got to a point when I knew that if I didn't start dinner before 7pm, I wasn't going to prepare it. It was just out of the question as my energy levels that late in the evening are dipping so fast it would take so much out of me to get it done.

With the changes in my family dynamics, I only need to cook once a week now, and I make a point to impress my family with what I set before them. I elect to do that on Fridays as it's the day I work half day. Even though I clock off from office work at around 1pm, I still prefer to get all my prep work for the afternoon cooking in the morning before getting started with office work. This is because I am not very energetic in the afternoon to work on a lot of things at a fast pace.

When I fail to do my cooking and baking prep work in the morning, when I get off work in the early afternoon exhausted from trying to cram in as much as possible, I find the cooking and baking tasks so daunting and intimidating. This tells me that my energy management cuts across mental and physical tasks. My energy interpretes mental tasks in the same fashion as physical tasks. I take it that our mental and physical tasks are very closely related.

Funny enough, I also don't do well if I leave simple things as an evening shower and getting ready for bed routines to very late in the evening. Whenever I do, I drag through getting these mundane tasks done. I also don't do grocery shopping at the end of a working day when I am mentally and physically drained. Doing so feels rather weighty and unexciting for such a simple task.

Stay tuned for part III where we will unveil the importance of aligning ourselves to our energy rhythms for optimal performance and fulfillment.

For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi


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Volume 10, Issue 41: Managing Your Energy Part I

In our attempts to be efficient, most of us generally focus on managing our time. Over time as I have gotten older and found myself with a lot on my plate, my rhythms have revealed to me that my effectiveness is driven just as much by how I manage my energy as by how I manage my time. This philosophy was affirmed recently when I listened to a leadership podcast series on the art of energy management by Craig Groeschel.

No two people are exactly alike in their energy rhythms. What energizes one person is different from what energizes another person. Similarly, what drains one person is different from what drains another person.

Different people are better at some things at some times than others. We are better at certain tasks at certain times of the day or week than we are at doing those same things at a different time. Some people are most productive and driven in the morning and at the beginning of the week while others get bursts of energy later in the day or at night and at the tail end of the week.

Some people like to work under the pressure of deadlines while others like to finish tasks long before there's any deadline in sight. Some people get more energy from being around other people, others get energized from spending time alone. Some people are energized by being outdoors while others are energized by being indoors.

Different tasks or activities use up our energy differently. Some activities fuel us while others drain us. You can spend 3 hours doing something you dread and be totally drained, frustrated and exhausted at the end of it. On the other hand, you can spend 8 hours doing something you enjoy and not get drained at all. You may be physically tired but still driven and excited.

We will talk about my energy rhythms as an example in part II of this series. My rhythms are most likely very different from yours but will help you think of your own rhythms and assess how well you are managing your energy.

There are a couple of different forms of energy that we operate on. The energy forms most of us relate to are physical energy, mental or creative energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy. We will talk about how we refuel these energy tanks in part III of this series.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 10, Issue 40: You're Fit For The Job

Today I saw something I wrote in my journal 5 months ago. It must have been informed by something I read from a study. I can't recall which study it was but it must have been very impactful to me. Here is what I wrote down;

"I am fit for the job. God could have chosen anyone to be the parent of my daughter and my son. But He didn't choose just anyone; He chose me! I will remain involved in their lives, engaged and an all-in parent. I will dream big for them, pray like mad, and never give up hope. I will remind myself that no matter how hard I work at being the best mom, my daughter and son are human beings with free will. They can and will mess up - more than once."

Then I wrote this prayer, "Father I ask You to lead every area of my life so that my daughter and son will see the joy and fulfillment that You alone can bring. Help me keep my cool, and model your love and peace to them during both wonderful and awful moments, Amen."

As parents of teens and preteens, it's not always a joy ride walking the parenting journey. Our kids sometimes push our buttons real hard and we can have moments when we don't even like them. I know I have had a few of such moments with my oldest. Luckily those moments quickly pass and our hearts are once again flooded with love for the child.

What's important to note is that such awful moments are real and we don't do ourselves any justice denying them. What counts is how we carry ourselves during such moments. We must train ourselves to not verbalize what we are thinking when we have been pushed to the limit but rather remain firm and loving, calm and collected.

At such times, you could feel you don't have what it takes to parent your child. But that's far from the truth. God did not make a mistake in choosing you to be the parent of your child. You are fit for the job. So buckle up and continue parenting your child the best way you know how.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 10, Issue 39: Forever Friendships

Do you remember how it was when we were kids? Most of us had best friends with whom we did a lot of things together. We had lots of fun and got in trouble together. We dreamt of going to the same high school together, we couldn't bear the thought of being separated. And when the worst happened and we ended up getting accepted by different high schools, we bid each other farewell in tears and vowed to write letters to each other every week. Those were good times. Doing life with our friends enriched our lives greatly.

But the story isn't quite the same for most of us now. We live in times when true friendships are hard to spot. Most of us find ourselves engaged in multiple social media groups but lacking in close individual friendships. I know very few people who can really refer to anyone as their best friend.

The truth is, we are wired for deep friendships but we have settled for mere friendships of convenience. God revealed to us one of deep friendships in David and Jonathan's story. These two were covenant friends, a bond that was forged as soon as they met. Jonathan became David's number one advocate and friend - sharing everything with David - from his royal robe and weapons - armor, sword, bow and belt, and defending David before his father, King Saul. David and Jonathan's was a friendship that stood the test of fierce opposition and death.

““Come outside,” said Jonathan. “Let’s go to the field.” When the two of them were out in the field, Jonathan said, “As GOD, the God of Israel, is my witness, by this time tomorrow I’ll get it out of my father how he feels about you. Then I’ll let you know what I learn. May GOD do his worst to me if I let you down! If my father still intends to kill you, I’ll tell you and get you out of here in one piece. And GOD be with you as he’s been with my father! If I make it through this alive, continue to be my covenant friend. And if I die, keep the covenant friendship with my family—forever. And when GOD finally rids the earth of David’s enemies, stay loyal to Jonathan!” Jonathan repeated his pledge of love and friendship for David. He loved David more than his own soul!” ‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭20:11-17‬ ‭MSG‬‬

If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that we long for deeper, closer friends with whom we can share life. We should have such friendships with our spouses or significant others, and a few other people, even just one. I believe we can stretch our faith and believe God to help us build a few forever friendships. We can ask God to help us go out and find someone who needs us to be their friend.

But we can't pray and do nothing. God isn't going to drop friends from heaven like manna. Let's accompany our faith with actions as the Lord leads. If you have a spouse or significant other that you don't feel as close to as you would like to be, begin taking steps towards deepening your connection and friendship. Let's go out and find someone who needs us to be their friend. Some of us have a random friend or kin whom we don't pay much attention to. They could be the people who need us to be their friend. Let's start investing in the friendship and see how it goes.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



Volume 10, Issue 38: Becoming True Worshippers

There are two times to worship: when you feel like it and when you don't. Oh, that our worship would not be tossed like the winds and waves when challenges come or victories are won. May our lives be a fragrant aroma of worship to the Father in every season.

After a long day at work, "I'm tired, but still You are worthy!" If finances aren't there yet, "I don't feel like it, but I lift my hands to You again in surrender!" When relationships are strained, "I feel like wallowing in sadness, but I look to You in adoration!"

Like the widow who gave two mites, we may not have much, but we give all that we have because Jesus is worthy. His love is incredible, redeeming, selfless, victorious and relentless.

Pure worship isn't built on a foundation of a feeling, atmosphere, or the lyrics and melodies composed by man. Worship is a response to seeing Him. A worshipper is marked and formed by an encounter with the man Jesus, an encounter that brings life and death simultaneously.

It's in beholding the beauty and holiness of the Lord that a response rings from the inner man, "I love You! Apart from You, I am nothing. Jesus, I respond to You with all that I am. Your love for me has me completely undone from the inside out. I praise You, Holy One! My soul will bless You at all times, and I will not forget your benefits. The melody you sing over me causes me to triumph, and I'm left in awe!

This is from the heart of worship YouVersion Bible plan provided by Christ for the Nations.

For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi